Ken and His Twisted Mind!

I get asked all the time about my toys and fucking machines, where I get them and why. Well, if your looking for a GREAT place to buy adult XxX toys, intense fucking machines and even lubes and creams, look no further!! I have a new sponsor and I want to ask you all to go check out

The guys over at Ken’s are just awesome and so helpfull. They have the biggest selection of adult toys and especially fucking machines for you to choose from. When you purchase a fucking machine from (owned and operated by KTM Enterprises, LLC) you are purchasing direct from the manufacturer. There is no middleman to contend with. Certainly, this affects the price you pay but more importantly they can help you make the right decision on what machine is right for you.

We interviewed Ken and asked him to tell us about his company. We also asked one other question… “Whats so great about fucking machines?” and he replied… “The answer is simple: Automation!” “Instead of a manual device that can only be used at hand speed or by a partner, a mechanical sex machine opens up a whole new dimension. The sex machines offer physical and emotional fulfillment through fantasies and pure pleasure.

KTM Enterpirses, LLC pioneered the use of affordable Fucking Machines in 1999 with the launch of the “Hide-a-Cock”. Since then, a few others have come and gone with fucking machines. They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. If you’re interested in purchasing fucking machines, you might want to consider the following points before you make your decision:

Available Accessories

Although accessories are not a necessary part of your fucking machine purchase they are nice to have available. As you grow with your machine and become more comfortable with it’s use you may feel the need to expand the machines versatility. We offer a wide range of accessories from Vac-u-Lock dildos, Blow job kits for male masturbation to extensions and stands that make you machine much more enjoyable.

Stroke Length

Stroke length is important as your moods will vary and different users will have different lengths of penetration they enjoy.  Make sure your sex machine has easy stroke adjustment and many options to suite your taste.  We are proud of our ground breaking infinite stroke adjustment on our Hide-a-Cock, Versa Cock, Sneaky Pete, Blue Balls and Furniture Mate sex machines.


Ken’s Twisted Mind offers the longest warranty of any manufacturer in the industry.  Make sure your large investment is covered with a decent warranty. You may find, resellers and affiliates do not offer a warranty of any kind. Click here for more information on their IronClad warranty.


Our products contain more advanced technology and more features than any offered by our competition. Many of our customers have purchased other machines prior to ours and say, after using it they would never use anything else. We suggest you shop carefully and lastly, don’t think you have to pay more to get more!”

Thanks Ken for telling us about your company and products. Like me, I’m sure my fans and friends will be checking out your site soon! I personally recommend that before you buy even one more adult product, you check out Kens Twisted Mind for the best selection and price and buy without the middleman, direct from the manufacturer!

I use Kens Twisted Mind for all my adult toy and fucking machine needs and you should too! If you have any questions please contact Ken at: and tell him Jayda Diamonde sent you!

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